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The Eternal Current Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

Author, host of the “Sinner Saint Sister” podcast, and yoga instructor Allison Sullivan joins Aaron to talk about ways we can all begin healing from the last couple years.  

Oct 15, 2022

Fr Michael Sparough, SJ, returns to share a lifetime of experience with Night Prayer, the science behind evening meditation, and what he does when prayer gets boring. Winsome and deeply wise. 

Oct 2, 2022

Rev Christine Lee, the priest in charge at St Peter’s Episcopal Church, joins Aaron to reflect on her experience with the prayer of Compline. From her earliest experiences as a new priest to the overwhelming days of Compline to a community practice of Compline last fall, Christine helps us get to the heart of it. She...

Sep 25, 2022

Aaron invites us into the story of A New Liturgy No 10: Night Prayer -- a contemplative, music-carried Compline service. (Released 09.28.22) In this episode, Aaron tells the story of the project, shares his heart for Compline, and plays a few sections of the new recording. Learn how to create holy space at the end...

Apr 10, 2022

Shauna Niequist teaches us a form of prayer based on the words of Jesus and a master chef's approach to recipes. Fresh, insightful, and incredibly practical for anyone who desires to pray in a more whole-hearted way. Shauna also shares the heart behind her brand new book, I Guess I Haven’t Learned that Yet, which...